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So you've got it all covered and could probably be a wedding coordinator yourself if it wasn't YOUR wedding! We will swoop in and organize your big day, create and run the timeline and make sure Grammy has a front row seat. We will provide you with the organizational tools to do-it-yourself and then jump in to make sure all goes as planned.


Looking for an affordable alternative but still want a boutique feel to your big day? We specialize in small, practical, hand-crafted nuptials. We are a one stop shop offering florals, photography and coordination at an affordable price. Our Elopements are designed to give you that one-of-a-kind, Santa Barbara wedding you have always dreamed of without the stress.

We will coordinate a legal marriage ceremony, beautifully styled at one of Santa Barbara's many amazing locations, hand-craft your florals and decor, organize your after party and have the whole thing photographed for the record. Pricing dependent on number of guests, location and scope of event.


Our Pop-Up events are carefully planned out to convey a spontaneous, unexpected and one-of-a-kind experience to your guests. From Pop-Up Dinner Parties to carefully executed Surprise Weddings, we provide a unique experience your guests will never forget.

How does a Pop-Up Wedding Work?

On the day of your event we gather your guests under false pretenses: A Potluck Dinner. A Friendsgiving Celebration. An Engagement Party. You get the idea.....

We then carefully execute the surprise and proceed with the event as a wedding. Your guests may arrive and realize they are walking into your wedding. We may whisk your guests away in a bus to a top secret location. You may make the big announcement during dinner and we then 'Pop-Up' your ceremony. We will work closely with you on the logistics of your unique event, coordinating the venue, catering, rentals, photography and all florals and hand-crafted details. While fun and spontaneous, our Pop-Up events are carefully executed so you can avoid the headache and stress of wedding planning and provide a memorable gathering with your family and friends.

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